Grassfed Beef
Tall Trees Farm
Rich Living Soil means Healthy Plants and Healthy Animals
Grassfed Beef

We raise grass-fed  and grass-finished beef.  The difference is that we don’t feed lot them on corn for the final finish.  They eat very little grain if any at all. We need no anti-biotics nor vaccines, we give no growth hormones.

Rose Veal

Stays with cow after birth.
• Naturally nursed with colostrum. 
• Never injected with hormones or antibiotics.
• Raised outside with herd
• Lots of grass & sunshine.
• Processed at local family-owned butcher shop

White Commercial Veal

 Taken away from mother immediately.
• Force fed antibiotics & electrolytes.
• Trucked hundreds of miles, often through large auction barns.
• Bucket Fed  medicated, nutritionally incomplete whey-based milk replacer 
• Synthetic estrogen implants used to promote rapid growth. 
• Crowded inside barns with hundreds of other calves in individual crates.
• A life of concrete, darkness & sickness.
• Trucked hundreds of miles to large scale processors.

Periodically we have rose veal for sale.  
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