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Rich Living Soil means Healthy Plants and Healthy Animals
Garden Guild

Here on the farm we love to teach children as well as adults the beauty of growing your own foods without chemical pesticides or herbicides.  Having the freshest food right outside your back door is one of the greatest joys in life, and getting your hands in the soil is just as fun.    Please join us on Thursday or Friday Afternoons or Saturday mornings for an hour and a half to explore the ways you can utilize a patch of soil, whether in a container or in your yard in a sunny or shady spot.  You can grow your own delicious and nutritious foods.

We maintain the premise that livestock improves garden soils.  We integrate animals into our gardens.  Whether it is chickens to eat bugs and aerate the soil or Cow manure tea to make the tomatoes grow, or adding horse manure compost to cucumber patches, animals are necessary for healthy soil building.

Fall Garden 2015
This is what grew