Tall Trees Farm
Rich Living Soil means Healthy Plants and Healthy Animals

Welcome to the Farm

Tall Trees Farm is located in “the other”  Lancaster County  in the  beautiful  Northern Neck of VA. Surrounded by historical landmarks and farms of the tidewater area, it is owned by the Barber family.

We view ourselves as stewards of God’s green earth and conduct our farm in that light.  God gave all creatures special traits and we do our best to honor that design.  Our cows graze in lush verdant pastures; our pigs roam freely in the woods to use their beautiful snout; our chickens and turkeys use their beak to eat bugs and clawed feet to scratch the soil and aerate it.
Rich in traditions of working with nature, we use  beneficial insects, rotational methods of pest control, cats for rodent control and foxhounds for predator control.  We use dried seaweed as mineral supplement for our soils and livestock, and diatomaceous earth for worm control.

Our animals rarely need antibiotics or vaccines.  We use no steroids or growth hormones.  .  We only give Non-GMO feeds.